Finding a name for my counselling practice felt like a herculean task, a mountain waiting to be scaled. I desired a name that would resonate with my own experiences while embodying the essence of the healing journey I aimed to provide. As I grappled with this, a particular childhood memory came rushing back, illuminating my path like a beacon.

From a young age, the stars served as my solace amidst the chaos of home. Those beautiful bright sparkling celestial bodies suspended in the night sky were my sanctuary, their steadfast radiance soothing my often-tumultuous world. These points of light, strewn across the dark vastness, served as my silent confidants, offering a serene backdrop against which my thoughts, dreams, and hopes could unfold.

My childhood was often painted in bold strokes of upheaval, surrounded by uncontrolled emotions, and frightening uncertainties that drowned me. However, the stars offered an oasis of tranquillity, their immutable presence a beacon of consistency that shone brightly amidst the disorder of my life. As I looked up into the vast expanse of the night sky, I found a semblance of peace. The stars, with their quiet, unchanging presence, offered a comforting constancy amidst my chaos.

Over the years, I found myself lost in stargazing, observing the grand spectacle above and learning to distinguish the intricate designs woven across the dark canvas. These designs, I came to know, were constellations, meticulously crafted tapestries born out of perceived chaos. It was a revelation that brought comfort; it whispered of an underlying order beneath the tumult, a promise of connection amidst the overwhelming vastness.

As I ventured into the world of adulthood, armed with the lessons gleaned from those tranquil, starlit nights, my perspective on life began to shift. The stars had bestowed upon me a gift—the ability to find a haven within my own being when the external world felt stormy. My wise sweet stars taught me the power of introspection, of turning inward to seek my inner calm amidst life’s thunderous squalls.

Furthermore, the stars imparted a precious lesson of viewing life from a distance, akin to how I looked at them, seeking patterns amidst the apparent chaos. This lesson has been my guiding light, aiding me in uncovering wisdom and understanding in the most unexpected corners of life.

As I learned to interpret the constellations in the night sky, I also began to recognize the potential for similar patterns within my own life—patterns that could bring coherence to my thoughts, serenity to my feelings, and a profound understanding of my experiences.

All these invaluable lessons crystalized into the powerful symbol that inspired the name of my counselling practice—Constellations Counselling. It serves as a heartfelt tribute to the solace I found amongst the stars, and a pledge to help others discover their own patterns—their personal constellations—in life’s chaotic tapestry. In doing so, I hope to offer them the same sense of security, tranquillity, and meaning that the stars have always been for me.

Source: Andrew

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