Nestled amidst Vancouver’s breathtaking landscapes, where the skyline dances with the dense evergreens, a cosmic event is on the horizon. On October 14, 2023, the universe will treat us to a mesmerizing ballet: a solar eclipse paired with a new Moon in Libra. For the highly sensitive people amongst us, this celestial occasion offers not just an astronomical spectacle, but an opportunity for profound self-reflection and renewal.

The solar eclipse is more than just the Moon veiling the Sun. It symbolizes endings and fresh beginnings, a brief intermission in life’s theatre where old scripts can be discarded and new roles can be embraced. Coupled with the energy of a new Moon in Libra, this eclipse whispers tales of balance, harmony, and the importance of relationships.

As the first rays of dawn dance with the lingering night on this special day, it’s a poignant time for each one of us, especially the highly sensitive, to turn inwards. To find stillness. To listen.

Leveraging the Eclipse and New Moon Energies

As a Vancouver counsellor, I often witness the profound depth with which highly sensitive people experience the world. Their ability to tune into subtleties makes them uniquely equipped to harness the powerful energies of such celestial events.

  1. Introspection and Journaling: Begin by lighting a candle and finding a quiet corner. Reflect upon the past months. What patterns have emerged? What lessons have been learned? Penning these thoughts can provide clarity, and the act itself is a ritual of release.
  2. Balancing the Scales: Libra’s influence beckons us to find balance. Take a moment to meditate on areas in your life that feel out of sync. Is it work, relationships, or perhaps self-care that needs attention? Imagine a set of scales, and visualize adding or removing weights until equilibrium is achieved.
  3. Setting Intentions with Clarity: As the new Moon marks beginnings, it’s a potent time to set intentions. Dream big, but also remain grounded. What would you like to manifest in the coming weeks? Highly sensitive people, with their innate depth of emotion and understanding, can set powerful, emotionally charged intentions.

Rituals for Renewal

  1. Crystal Charging: Lay out clear quartz or amethyst under the obscured sun. Let them soak in the eclipse’s energy. These charged crystals can act as talismans, amplifying your intentions in the days to come.
  2. Salt Bath for Cleansing: The eclipse is a time of shedding. A warm bath infused with sea salt and a few drops of lavender essential oil can cleanse the aura, preparing you for the new lunar cycle.
  3. Affirmations and Chants: Affirmations harness the power of spoken word. Craft a personal chant that resonates with your goals, perhaps something like, “I embrace balance, I welcome new beginnings.”

Shortening Days Teach the Value of Rest

Embracing the Season’s Energies

With autumn in full swing, it’s a season of transition. Nature, in its wisdom, reminds us of the impermanence of things and the beauty of cycles. Embrace the energies of change and transformation that the season brings. Take walks amidst falling leaves, practice gratitude, and remember, like nature, you too have the power to renew and transform.

For highly sensitive people, the rich tapestry of experiences that both the cosmos and nature offer can be deeply moving. It’s a journey that requires support, understanding, and sometimes guidance. At Constellations Counselling, we understand the delicate intricacies of your emotional landscape.

As the solar eclipse casts its shadow and unveils its magic, remember you’re not navigating this path alone. Whether you seek to understand deeper emotions, want assistance in setting intentions, or simply need someone to share your experiences with, our team at Constellations Counselling is here for you.

If you feel called to delve deeper into your inner cosmos, to align your earthly self with the celestial, and to embrace the dance of life with awareness and intention, we invite you to connect. Book a complimentary consult with a dedicated HSP counsellor at Constellations Counselling today. Together, under the mystic skies of Vancouver, let’s embark on a journey towards your truest self.